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Sandplay Therapy

What is Sandplay Therapy?

I first came across Sandplay Therapy when attending a workshop on working with children who had experienced trauma.  I loved the experience of working with a large tray containing soft, clean sand and using miniatures, toys and figurines to tell a story. I was surprised at how much could be communicated to another person with limited materials and very little talking.

Since then, I have completed many hours reading, training and practice, including travelling to Switzerland to participate in training, to learn more about Sandplay Therapy. I am currently working towards my membership of the International Society of Sandplay Therapy.

Because Sandplay is designed for both children and adults I have been able to make it available to everyone who comes to therapy. Of course, using the sand is an optional experience in the counselling session. Children and teenagers often choose to use the sand because it is fun.

This therapy is successful as a form of treatment and very powerful.  I encourage you to attend a session to find out why.