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Play Therapy

The Benefits of Play

"Birds fly, fish swim, and children play." - Garry Landreth

Play is the universal language of childhood.

Play is important to healthy child development and is the best way for children to learn.

Through play, children acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

The benefits of play to children and young people include:

  • Better physical, emotional and mental health
  • Development of social skills - sharing, turn taking, tolerance, collaboration
  • Development of responsibility
  • Understanding risks and challenges
  • Language development
  • Understanding social boundaries
  • Self-regulation - monitoring impulses, resolving conflict, focusing attention
  • Expressing feelings – sadness, happiness, fear, anger, disgust

Play may or may not use equipment and children may play with others or alone. Children do not need adults to prompt them to play. Play is the natural way children interact and communicate with the world.

Play can happen anywhere and at anytime. It is a process.